jewelry inspired by nature
and crafted by hand


Words leave impressions. So do hammers.

June 6, 2017

In this recent project, a bride approached me with a request to put together bridesmaid necklaces for her ten supporting ladies. She chose a word to describe a specific quality that she appreciated about them. She wrote each a letter telling them about the ways she had been inspired, affected and what she loved about them.

Words can be tricky (if ever there was an understatement). Specific to jewelry, I have difficulty with words because they are so often names or initials. I get that, but something is lacking. I like phrases in Latin because they aren’t exclusive to your family members. They are ideas that are bigger than two people and when in that romantic dead language, they feel older and more beautifully subtle. This project takes a descriptive word that represents a quality of that friend’s personality. To take her idea and create it, I varied the texture and spacing for each, so that they would all be different, apart from the word. They’re a minimalist style with straight bar and thin chain, all in copper. It’s a beautiful love letter and such a thoughtful idea.

What a lady, right? She is considerate to the core and has an extra large heart where there’s always room for one more. Congratulations, Marissa and James!


You may have also seen “hope” recently as I created some work for Hope Hill Lavender in their new farm store. Wendy has an inspiring story and their beautiful farm is located in Pottsville, PA.

Hammering letter by letter of these inspiring words has done me some good and left its own impression.