jewelry inspired by nature
and crafted by hand

Eastern Woodlands

The natural surroundings in which we live gently define a sense of place. So it is with the Eastern Woodlands Collection from metalledwith. Artist Richelle Dourte collects and presses tiny leaves, resin-casts them to preserve quality, and sets them in handcrafted metalwork to create stylish, wearable art. Metalledwith jewelry showcases authentic botanical species, with an emphasis on native trees from Pennsylvania, in the Eastern Woodlands Collection. Bold design and delicate craftsmanship define each and every piece. All items from this collection are made in and from Pennsylvania. As an original design dating back nearly ten years, eastern woodlands was the pioneer collection for metalledwith.

These leaves are collected and pressed, usually in the very first days of Spring which accounts for their small size. They are harvested from trees native to the Appalachian Mountains. Occasionally an exotic (or an herb) may find its way into the collection. Taking the time to walk in the woods and notice the changing landscape is part of the art process. We encourage others to take their own walks and notice the plants in their landscapes. We will happily create a piece from your own special plant.


Currently available for purchase online are the following eastern woodlands pieces.

The gallery below serves to show examples of past work, highlighting some of our standard bezel options.