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Culinary Classics

Oregano in Double Copper Pendant

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This necklace contains an oregano bloom collected at its peak. The pendant contains two copper circles, and the larger external one is approximately 7/8” in diameter. The alternating long-short chain necklace measures 16-18” adjustable length.
Much like our natural, woodland surroundings, there is beauty in the domesticated world we have created. Culinary Classics brings to artistic life the herbal garden, spices and vegetable goodness that graces our kitchens and homes. Artist Richelle Dourte collects and presses tiny leaves and blossoms, resin-casts them to preserve quality, and sets them in handcrafted metalwork to create stylish, wearable art. Metalledwith jewelry showcases authentic botanical species. Bold design and delicate craftsmanship define each and every piece. Items from this collection are generally garden-grown and collected at their peak, usually mid-late summer.

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