jewelry inspired by nature
and crafted by hand


Playful, yet poignant, the Bookworm Collection from metalledwith captures the beauty of words. The Bookworm line mixes and matches text rescued from old books to create wearable art that, quite literally, makes a statement. All items in this collection impart musings that cannot be replicated and therefore are completely unique. Bold design and delicate craftsmanship define each and every metalledwith piece.

Logophiles (word lovers) can also create one-of-a-kind designs of their own. Wear your favorite literary quotes. Custom orders are available for the Bookworm Collection. We often create custom pieces in projects spanning from a nonprofit group logo, to a quote from a teenager’s favorite book, to an excerpt from a play for a drama club teacher. To place your order, use the contact form.

A fascination with words and an ironic, witty sense of humor inspired artist Richelle Dourte to create the Bookworm line. Richelle loves old books so much so that she began collecting them. When she ran out of storage space she decided to bring new life to old words and transform the literary treasures into a different art form.

Currently available for purchase online are the following bookworm pieces.

The gallery below serves to show examples of past work, including a few of the aforementioned custom pieces.